Our commitment

Responsible investing



Environment and climate protection

The natural resources of our planet must be protected. This includes, for example responsible use of energy, smart energy management, minimized carbon emission (ecological footprint) and protection of the oceans.



Social aspects and human rights

The social aspects include working conditions, education, respect for human dignity, and fair conditions for all.



Ethical behavior

The ethical conduct of companies is the key tenant of ESG. Transparency and fairness are of particular importance here.

Pioneer in ESG
ESG integration in 2013

For us sustainability is dynamic and depends on the developments within society and the economy. ESG criteria are an integral part of our investment process and have been implemented for many years. Together with our investors, we want to make an active contribution to achieving the global sustainability goals.

Our commitment

We are a member and supporter of numerous initiatives



In 2011 we were among the early signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investing and we have integrated the principles into our investment process. We select our partners based on a set of criteria and invest exclusively in managers that comply with them.

> Principles for responsible investing


UN Global Compact

HQ Capital supports the UN Global Compact, the most relevant initiative for responsible corporate management. The vision is an inclusive and sustainable economy based on ten universal principles.

> UN Global Compact


UNEP Finance Initiative

We are a signatory of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative and are committed to promoting social development, environmental protection, and sustainability.

> UNEP Finance Initiative


Level 20

Since 2018, we have been an active supporter of the non-profit initiative Level 20 which promotes gender diversity in the European private equity industry.

> Level 20



Since 2020, we have supported the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures which is a global initiative for corporate reporting of climate-related financial opportunities and risks.



“Integration of ESG factors in the value creation of private equity owned companies is no longer an exception but rather becoming the new normal."

Britta Lindhorst - Senior Advisor / ESG & Impact
Sustainability by tradition
Our ESG approach

We invest exclusively in investment opportunities that are compliant with our ESG criteria and are committed to the principles for responsible investing (PRI). Compliance with our ESG criteria is firmly integrated into our investment process. Since 2013, the Investment Team has been supported by a global ESG team, made up of colleagues from different departments under the leadership of Britta Lindhorst. Our approach, as well as our results, are documented in our global sustainability report.

> Our Sustainability Report

Our global Senior ESG Team

Supported by professionals from different departments

Britta Lindhorst
Senior Advisor / ESG & Impact
Janine Diljohn
HQ Capital is compliant with the EU guidelines for sustainable investing

HQ Capital Sustainability Report and SFDR Disclosure