HQ Capital’s New York office held the company’s first organized volunteer day as part of its HQ Capital Gives Back! Initiative, designed to reflect the firm’s core values, which include support for humanitarian efforts, inclusion and diversity, and aid to people, communities and the environment.

Nearly 50 HQ Capital employees participated in a “Green Exercise Day,” hosted by Concrete Safaris, a non-profit organization that helps students grow produce in Jefferson Gardens in East Harlem, while learning about exercise, gardening and healthy eating. The HQ Capital team enjoyed completing a fun fitness circuit with students and participating in educational activities, as well as pulling weeds, tilling soil, and replanting the entire garden with healthy fruits, vegetables and beautiful flowers.

“We learned so much during this event,” said Janine Diljohn, Chief Compliance Officer at HQ Capital. “From the garden’s history, to the endless benefits it will bring to the community, to the transformative impact of planting each small seed, we gained a broader understanding of our relationship to our local community and our environment.”

The revived garden is expected to produce over 2,000 pounds of food and serve nearly 10,000 children and families this year. It will also help reduce pollution, create organic waste to limit the impact of trash on the environment, and provide kids with an adventurous way to incorporate outdoor activity into their daily lives.

HQ Capital’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Georg Wunderlin said, “Through our volunteer efforts, our team has embodied the core principles of our firm: getting things done, being professionals, and succeeding by working together as a team.”

About Concrete Safaris
Concrete Safaris is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation with the mission of preparing youth in East Harlem, New York, and beyond to lead healthy lives and shape their environment through outdoor education, play, exploration, and community engagement. Green Exercise Days are one of the many ways firms can get involved with their local communities. Schools are invited to participate by organizing their students for a field trip to a local garden, where they partner with corporate sponsors to play outdoors and empower their community through beautifying public housing-based community gardens. Further information can be found at www.concretesafaris.org.

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HQ Capital team helps transform Jefferson Gardens for local community in collaboration with non-profit organization, Concrete Safaris